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Learn about the increasingly important field of data science and gain hands on experience with analytics tools for your resume.

Network and learn about analytics and careers in data science from some of the smartest people in the industry. 

Speakers come from a variety of fields and backgrounds including finance, economics, law, and technology.

Steven Astorino

VP of Development, Hybrid Cloud, Analytics and Canada Labs, IBM

Fouad Yousif

Data Scientist, RBC

Founder, The Coding Hive

Joseph Mudge

Senior Manager Business Intelligence,The


Vito De Filippis

Director of Business Development, 

Environics Analytics

Lori Bieda

Head, Analytics Center for Excellence, BMO

Shingai Manjengwa


Fireside Analytics

Sarah Sun

Chief Data Strategist, 

Goldspot Discoveries

Bob Lytle

President, Analytics

Ofer Shai

Chief AI Officer, Deloitte

Peter Thesling

Data Scientist, 


James Li

Director of Big Data Services, 


Ernest Chan

Hedge Fund Manager, QTS

Janusz Kozinski

Special Adviser to the President, 

Brock University

Anteneh Ayanso

Director of the Centre for Business Analytics, 

Brock University

Spend the day with industry experts and learn the basics of data analytics and data visualization at one of the workshops.

Introduction to Python & Machine Learning

Brief introduction to python followed by an introduction to machine learning. Will cover data manipulation, graphing, and introductions to machine learning in TensorFlow.

Instructor: Sylvain Pannetier-Lebeuf (Senior Consultant, The Co-operators)

Introduction to R Studio

Introduction to R will cover the basics of data manipulation and analysis, including how to work with files, perform basic statistical analysis of information and create charts and graphs and the basics of machine learning.

Instructor: Paul Frosina (BI Analyst, The Co-operators)

Introduction to AI Applications in Cancer Prediction

Workshop presented by the Coding Hive! Learn how AI is used to find predictive bio markers and how to develop and deploy a simple cancer classifier app.

Instructor: Fouad Yousif (Senior Manager, Data Scientist at RBC and Founder of The Coding Hive)


Intermediate Excel & Introduction to VBA

Will cover intermediate Excel and the use of Visual Basic for Applications within Excel to automate processes and work with data.

Instructor: Jimmy Qiu (Manager, Risk IT at RBC Capital Markets)

Introduction to Sentiment Analysis in IBM Watson

Sentiment analysis workshop, will introduce students to tools like Watson Discovery, Watson Knowledge Studio and Cognos Analytics.

Instructor(s): IBM Staff

Introduction to Financial Modeling in Excel

Learn basics of financial modeling and analysis in Excel. Will focus on risk modeling and project.

Instructors: Shakti Pradhan (Senior Treasury Analyst at Alterna Savings) & Adam Grinbergs (Graduate Engineer at Paterson & Cooke)